Silver Gate Yacht Club has decided to open their SGYC Family Fleet and San Diego Catalina Association Midwinter Race to guests. The race is now called “Open PHRF Non-Spin Cruising Class”. The NOR has been changed accordingly and this new information is reflected in Amendment #3 to the NOR and has been posted.

Racers who have questions can contact Regatta Chair Jo Ann Sedgwick, To receive their Cruising NonSpin Handicap, guest sailors must contact Jim Holden,, with boat type and size, sail, rig specifications and PHRF RLC rating.
Most of the previous information in the NOR remains the same and NonSpin PHRF sailors in the San Diego area are encouraged to register at Regatta Network.

Opening up the race to guests is expected to increase the racing experience for all

SGYC opens up PHRFCruising Class