San Diego, CA, Feb 9, 2019 – Silver Gate Yacht Club (SGYC) hosted the 2019 SCYA Midwinter Regatta radio control, V-32 fleet on Saturday, February 9, 2019. The day was beautiful with a few puffy clouds in the air, and the winds were just right to facilitate the 15 racers that showed up from all over Southern California. Lake Gregory Yacht Club attended in force with four competitive sailors vying for the coveted first place trophy. After about three hours of competition involving several races, there were four finishers topping the other eleven boats.

Congratulations to:

1. Dennis Sharp from LGYC
2. Joe Plymesser from SGYC
3. Dennis Jackson from SGYC
4. David Endert from SGYC

SCYA would also like to heartedly thank Jo Ann Sedgwick and David Endert for chairing and organizing the event at SGYC. Let’s not forget the race committee boat, or actually a dock, staffed by Debbie and Richard Benscoter. Our appreciation is also expressed to SGYC’s members, bridge and board for continually hosting the event at their beautiful facilities. Without support from these volunteers and many more like them on the 23 other venues, this event would not be possible.

SGYC Hosts V-32 RC boats