Thank you 88th SCYA Midwinter Regatta 2017 Host Clubs, Sponsors,
Race Chairs and Committees

The 2017 Midwinter Regatta venues were challenged by three consecutive weekends packed with angry seas. Despite the adverse conditions affecting this 88th yachting tradition, 100% of all participating clubs stuck to their race plans, competed on their scheduled dates, postponed or adjusted their venues. Some fleets were reduced in size, but no cancellations were recorded. THANK YOU for your efforts, participation and contributions in the face of mother nature’s challenge.

Peter Tietz, Webmaster, continues to do a great job maintaining the 2017 site. There you can view your club’s Race Results, shared photos and blogs. Note we’re still waiting on a couple of clubs who, due to the storms, had to select March, April and May dates. On May 6th, LGYC will hold the last of the 2017 scheduled Midwinter venues, in the San Bernardino Mountains. We wish them a successful and well attended weekend that coincides with a preceding, fun Cinco de Mayo celebration (on Friday).

It’s my pleasure to introduce SMWYC’s Staff Commodore Themis Glatman:; (818) 348-9743, the SCYA Midwinter Regatta Chair for 2018. Commodore Glatman, is a racer and past chair of the Marina del Rey to San Diego races. Her knowledge and experience are valuable assets in the planning and implementation of the Midwinter Regatta. Look for her announcement of the new regatta dates, and be sure to encourage your clubs’ Race Committee Chairs to send their 2018 participation confirmation to her as soon as possible. Set your club’s race dates early, help us promote the regatta among your area’s racing community, and help us get more sponsors, big or small. Everyone counts and everyone’s efforts are appreciated!

Personally, it has been a pleasure to communicate with each of you during the planning and implementation stages of this 2017 weather-complicated Midwinter process. I had fun. I learned a great deal and I got to meet some really nice people! Thank you!

Don’t hesitate to contact me or our webmaster, Peter Tietz, P.Tietz@SCYAorg with any questions or suggestions.

Marlyn Dinon, Chair
SCYA Midwinter Regatta 2017
(909) 754-0755

2017 Chairperson Message