Letter from the Chairperson

Southern California Yachting Association


Attention One Design,  PHRF, Cruisers, R/C Model Boaters, Predicted Log and Dinghy Racers

                             Enter the 88th Midwinter Regatta                             February 11 and 12 or February 18 and 19

The two-weekend format, stretching from Santa Barbara to San Diego, will again enable host yacht clubs to select the best fit for racers wishing to participate in this unique event. This yachting tradition is a chance to test your skills against the best skippers in the West Coast or provide an opportunity to experience the thrill of competitive racing for the first time.

The SCYA Midwinter Regatta, one of the Nation’s largest sailing competition, offers more than 25 venues, over 600 competing boats, 100 classes and more than 2,500 sailors.  Regatta Chair, Marlyn Dinon and team, have been working closely with SCYA, the regatta’s commercial sponsors and participating host clubs to ensure everyone has a great time.

Each hosting yacht club showcases what they have to offer the sailing community. The Southern California Yachting Association, now in its 96th year of service,  continues to facilitate member club communications, sponsor a variety of boat safety seminars, club management training, legislative representation, honor awards and much more.

Successful past Midwinter venues tell the story about this unique event: You will have a great racing experience. You will find networking opportunities. Most importantly, you will have a great time on the water! Pick your race dates and sign up early!

SCYA is a service oriented, non-profit organization supporting the recreational boating and yachting communities. To learn more, contact service@scya.org.

Marlyn Dinon, 2017 SCYA Midwinter Regatta Chair

(909) 754-0755         mailto:marlyndinon@hotmail.com

Venues that Have Confirmed

The following clubs have confirmed their participation as a host venue. Please contact them if you have s specific request. Other clubs will be added to the list as they finalize their plans.

ABYC             Dave Schack   davidr.schack@gmail.com;  R/C Chair: Mark Townsend    s_mark_townsend@hotmail.com;

SMWYC         Alton Berg  als.ghost@earthlink.net; Themis Glatman                     tladymanor1@aol.com; R/C Chair: Besim Bilman  bbilman2@gmail.net;

NHYC             Jenn Lancaster  jenn.lancaster@nhycstaff.org;  R/C Chair: Nik Froehlich

BCYC             Susie Brodrick   susieb@bcyc.org;   R/C Chair: Paul DeCapua        paul.decapua@cox.net;   Feb. 18 & 19

SIBYC            R/C Chair: Bob Hubbard        bhubbard1@charter.net;                     Feb. 18 & 19

LMVYC          R/C Chair: Guy Heaton          guy.heaton@honeywell.com;

KHYC             R/C Chair:Dorian Harris dorian.harris628@gmail.com;                   Kari Kaidser      kkeidser@gmail.com; Feb. 18 & 19

LGYC             R/C Chair: Dawn Dixon         limeynus@yahoo.com;

CorYC             R/C Chair: Glenn Welch       acewelch@coronadoyc.org;               Feb. 11 & 12

DPYC              R/C Chair: Brian Werner        BD1Werner@gmail.com;                   Feb 18 & 19 PHRF

DWYC            R/C Chair: Roger Salway       Race@dwyc.org;                                Feb. 11 & 12 Cruising