Southern California Yachting Association

2018 SCYA Midwinter Regatta

                    The British are Coming                                                             The British are Coming

The upcoming Midwinter Regatta in its 89th edition for 2018 is finalizing its preparation for the upcoming weekends of Sailboat Races, Predicted Log Events and Radio Controlled competition over two weekends starting this 10-11th and 17-18th of February.
Two new clubs have been added to the list of participating Yacht Clubs with the addition of Nevada Yacht Club and Morro Bay Yacht Club for the first time, along with new classes of competitors.
The big news that have rocked Southern California was made today when this event was mentioned all the way in England when Sir Ben Aisle of America’s Cup fame was interviewed there and mentioned that since there is no America’s Cup racing anywhere this year, his team will be joining the TP52 (TransPac) Class of racing boats to start their season in the San Diego Yacht Club, when they host the Regatta for that class this 10-11th of February.

This is indeed big news as 9 teams from all over the world now are coming to Southern California to compete in this event, which is the biggest one in the Americas with over 30 Yacht Clubs participating, over 600 boats and more than 2500 sailors involved.
“This is indeed a big recognition for our corner of the sailboat racing world to have such a namesake in our sport participating in our shores in such a prestigious event” says Themis Z. Glatman who is the Chairperson for the 2018 edition of the Midwinters Regatta event. There is a Yacht Club close to you that will be hosting your class, so check it out and compete with your friends.
She reminds all sailors to go to SCYA’s website and enter your boat, sailboat or Radio Controlled boat in the event and be part of this now International group of sailors. Over 2,500 competitors must know that this is indeed a really fun event to be part of it, come join them.

Themis Z. Glatman
2018 Midwinter Regatta Chairperson





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